During this passed weekend I finally found some time to fix my Netflix, 2 picks mailed in about a month ago……I choose “The Color Purple” to spend my Sunday night with.

Got to confess that, I did get no clue this is a Steven Spielberg’s film when first added its purplish image into my queue. I thought it was a Japanese cartoon recommended just because I watched “Ghost in the Shell” by mistake. My plan was to watch about 10 minutes and speedily switch to the other DVD. Luckily enough I was conscious to notice this is from Mr. Spielberg, so that I stayed tune, touched, and loved…….

the color purple

All the costumes are so finely designed and evocative of the life down the Mississippi back in early 1900. Lead costume designer, Aggie Guerard Rodgers, did a very wonderful job putting an ordinary black soul with organic colors, linen and cotton fabrics, classic on-spot accessories, eg: hat, earrings, hair styles……to make Whoopi Goldberg (as leading actress-Celie) fit this movie indeed, as well as all other elements.

all photo belong to “The Color Purple Movie”

I personally like this country gardening maid look so much—
It is consisted of a functional yellow/white checked apron with a little ruffles decrorated on the shoulders (look like two wings), and the button is at the center back neck is the only thing besides two arms to secure the whole garment in place to create a round shape; underneath is a simple denim one piece dress, I supposed it is a long sleeve just being rolled up to be 3/4 length; wool stocking in neutral color goes perfectly well with a pair of vintage leather lace up low ankle boots. Yeah, and of course the typical heavy weaved hair style.

I got to apologize that cannot find any more detailed photos regarding this look even I flipped my google image results inside out. Anyways, I did a tryout for this kind of style, my photo will be up later. Strongly suggested for those who has not yet checked out this film, just follow Netflix recommendation to watch and to feel.