Manon Boertien, a Dutch fashion designer filled with fresh new blood, who’ve just got a run during AMS INTL’ FASHION WEEK-liching2009. She poetically expressed her graduation collection with personal point of view on pursuing happiness.

After digged in her blog images (cannot read Dutch, so only images), I found she used balloons as the stage performance medium over a projected flag screen for her graduation show (same collection for the fashion week), which is exactly the same concept as what I proposed for WaxApple debut show. Before her blog, I firstly came up this idea by seeing the stage image from Hussein Chalayan‘s “15 years of experimental projects“. And Manon developed this idea to another level, gracefully.

Incorporated with her own design collection, the balloons winged out detailed pleats, brought up entire digital prints, those shiffon-like fabrics became lighter & lighter as well as all the doubts, negative thoughts, and genders are all up above high into the sky, only happiness left behind……

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