photo by Marc Lin, “Machu Picchu”

When a group of friends returned from their Peru adventure and Altitude sickness, I was sticking out my tongue browsing camera photos and coming up with a tons of Q&A. So I examined all the souvenirs , just wanted to get some exotic feeling more or less out of the nature of Inka. I was surprised at this handcrafted scarf with multi-color stripes from what I received, it is dearly FASHIONABLE……

“I couldn’t help but wonder, Peruvian got fashion??? (narrated under Carrie Bradshaw’s voice)” Big thanks to Almighty Google, one of the search image results caught my eyes. It is a red knitted sweater put on a model with warrior kind of make-up and the hair thing is hohoho very Chinese…..very chopsticks and fun.

sumy kujon_1

It is from a Peruvian fashion designer, Sumy Kujon‘s 2006 collection “Discovery channel, Special report on Chinese Immigration”. Her native Asian blood met Inka culture to bring out this social phenomenon interestingly and being expressed on her creations also.

I can see her continuously revealed this concept even in the latest A/W09 collection—
traditional craftsmanship incorporated into contemporary design, primo alpaca wool mixed-and-matched china silk, heroic model posing styles, experimental patterns with feminine insights……

Now I can tell what I was so wrong about Peru. There are growing fashion with heretofore-unseen prosperity underneath the soil coat of Machu Picchu.

sumy kujon_2

sumy kujon_3

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