Believe most of the NYppl who got the chance passing by the cross streets of Canal & Bway would’ve noticed this huge wall thing with chalk lines.

photo by Yifu Chien

photo from

Probably it is an art piece, an outdoor ads, or just a normal weird street stuff ……up to now, no evidence has been proven. However, it did remind me a series of wording lines appeared on Markus Lupfer‘s T-shirt from his SP09 collection—
cool-n-cute urban style, superb embroidery/applique tailoring motif, oversized cut for sculptural approach, wearable for daily basis. He once defined his style as “a modern translation of traditional elegance.”

He is well known by the collaboration with Topshop, this collection will be launched online next week and in SOHO store on August, 25. Should be another hit then.

photos from Markus Lupfer’s SP09 collection